Landscape Architecture

The Botanical Group offers the service of Landscape Architectural with the works of Design & Draft and Estimations. We look forward in collaborating in bringing high-end craftsmanship, luxury finishes and a garden oasis to your home, secondary staycation or multi-residential project.  


Design & Draft

At the essence of every great garden, is its design.

A converging of spaces that incorporates the Architecture of the home, its Period & the client’s Personality.


Bringing Form, Structure, Aesthetic, Technical & Purposed functionality into a singular cohesive.

Our fully qualified, disciplined Landscape Architects are here to help, whether you’re a Private homeowner, Developer or Builder, we can support with Initial Consultations, Conceptual Layouts, Council Submissions & Landscape Construction drawings – Inclusive of project specific Construction Specifications.




Our Estimation services, covering Domestic clientele projects through to Project tender submissions on behalf of Builders, Developers or Architects, are always in high demand.

The Botanical Group will provide a clear understanding of a project’s costing & committed outlays before construction commences.